Hudson Highlands, NY

In The Loop

photos by Rob Chapman

What is “In The Loop”? Simply put, it is a different concept in music performance. Utilizing many of the cutting edge tools currently available with music technology, Matt creates and interacts in real-time with multiple layers of sound, taking you on a unique sonic journey. Groovy funk, spaced out jazz, psychedelic trip hop, lush ambient soundscapes and improvised jams collide with custom re-mixes and mash-ups, all mixed and manipulated on the fly!

In The Loop LIVE at The Queens Kickshaw, 5-19-2012

Occasionally the project is also a real-time collaboration between Matt and other musician(s), where they improvise by ‘looping off of one another’. In any sense, the process is best described as ‘live production’, where all elements of the music and the mix are improvised dynamically, in real time.

See the audio page for more examples of In The Loop.