Cartography, Vol. 1


Matt’s collaborative large ensemble project, released in 2018

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In a world seemingly more and more divisive with each passing day, “Cartography” aims to unify people with a diverse blend of styles and vibes. Musically, “Cartography, Vol. 1” contains sonic landscapes familiar to the idioms of big band, jazz/funk, fusion, classic soul/R&B, groove, rock and reggae. Featuring some of the best musicians NYC has to offer, at its core, this music is for anyone and everyone with a pulse.

Track Listing:

1. Giant
2. Home
3. Masters Will Fall
4. We’ve Got To Move
5. In The AM
6. Kinship
7. Mississippi Sunset


Drums: Doron Lev, Engin Gunaydin
Bass: Alex Busby Smith, Panagiotis Andreou
Keyboards: Isamu McGregor, Adam Klipple
Guitar: Matt Dickey
Percussion: Dave Deej
Vibraphone: Frank Picarazzi
Flute: Sarpay Özçağatay
Alto Saxophones: Peter Sparacino, Sean Nowell
Tenor Saxophone: Peter Sparacino
Bari Saxophone: Lo Wood
Trumpets: Matt Owens, Jon Lijoi
Trombones: Dillon Garrett, Raul Navarette
Vocals: Jonathan Hoard, Ras N’Gosi Anbassa

All music written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Matt Dickey
Words and Lyrics by Jonathan Hoard (tracks 1-3) and Ras N’Gosi Anbassa (track 4)

Tracks 1-6 recorded by Matt Dickey
Track 7 recorded by Ebonie Smith

Cover art illustrated by Doron Lev; designed by Matt Dickey

Available via Download Only as a .ZIP file containing mp3s encoded at 256kbps.

Matt’s collaborative large ensemble project, released in 2018


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