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Uglybraine at Telefunken: Live From The Lab

“Sometimes” with Uglybraine as part of the Telefunken Live From The Lab video Series.

In addition to the guitar/string synth, Matt contributed the audio mix/master and video editing

HUGE thanks to Alan Venitosh at Telefunken!

A Tribute Called Quest:

We hung out in the studio one day and came up with this…

Don’t Slip Remixed Live with In The Loop:

Live remixing, jamming in the studio with guitar, guitar synth, foot controllers and laptop…

Loud Apartment with Bernie Worrell:

“Here it Comes” From the “Get Up, Get Down” CD Release party at Drom, NYC. February 9, 2012.

Mash This At Home:

An audiovisual mashup of the Try This At Home recording:
Each song on the album is represented in some way by the mashup. In other words, at any given moment in the mashup, you may hear a drum part from one song with a bass-line from another, horn riffs from one or more songs, and harmonic material from yet another. All of these audio clips are further manipulated, using filtering, time stretching/compressing, reverse playback, and long swells of reverberation (among other techniques). The visual element utilizes photographs of the album cover and some of the musicians involved. Similar to the audio, these photos are manipulated and distorted — often beyond recognition — in an attempt to support visually what is happening sonically. This video was originally produced in anticipation of the release of Try This At Home. A trailer, if you will.